My DFL Answers

On June 27, 2012, I was screened by the Seventh District endorsement committee of the Democratic Party for endorsement. The screening lasted 20 minutes or less than 2 per question. Below is a synopsis of my answers.
1. I am seeking the DFL endorsement because I was invited and wanted to be polite in accepting the invitation and I can use whatever help I can get in helping me with opposing problems facing Western Duluth.
2. I am going to continue to run no matter who the committee endorses.
3. I have not been screened for endorsement by any other groups.
4. I have not prioritized my goals etc. for St. Louis County except I see as the largest problem the impact that sulfide mining will have on my West Duluth District as a result of the large transfer of the tax burden and other costs that have made from the Iron Range to my West Duluth District. I don’t think that workers in my District should have to pay for good jobs on the Iron Range. I also know that mine run-off into the St. Louis river
will poison Duluth area residence with heavy metals and nickel sulfate in particular that is highly soluble, can’t be filtered, and is a class one carcinogen. I explained that no opportunities would be presented to any of the people of my district just problems.
5. I think that people should be allowed to marry whoever they want but I would oppose giving government benefits to the spouses of government workers regardless of whether it is a homosexual or heterosexual marriage. I don’t think the government should be in the business of financing any marriage, that money could be better used for other social programs.
6. I am unaware of any problem with the current election law and would need to know more before I took a position on a “voter ID” law.
7. I would seek input from persons impacted from untimely delivery of social services to see how they could be helped and seek additional staffing if necessary.
8. I answered the nonferrous mining question in my response to number four. I was concerned with being cut-off by being told condescendingly by board members that they understood that I was passionate about the issue. I was cut off. The committee didn’t actually want to hear what I had to say about sulfide mining much less listen.
9. I would lobby to lift restrictions on the number of visitors allowed into the BWCA to encourage tourism. I would sponsor a county wide program to give a 200 dollar voucher toward a patent application filing fee because patent application filing fees are simply an artificial impediment to economic development and that such a program would attract innovation needed to create sustainable, environmentally responsible, living wage jobs. ( Like their tripping over each other for copper/nickel mining isn’t total hypocracy, hey?). I would keep existing jobs that would be displaced by copper/nickel mining and it’s toxic pollution like jobs in tourism, logging, fishing, government, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.
10. I oppose any health care law that puts the burden of criminalization on poor people for failure to pay a health care premium.
11. I don’t really know any of you people and I do not feel comfortable sharing with you my strategy for winning this election except to say that I have spent more than one-thousand dollars on my campaign. I am not asking for any help just that I would appreciate the support of a nice bunch of people such as yourself (which was responded to with laughter).

No questions were asked of the committee about education. Thirteen delegates voted. Please don’t let seven partisan individuals with limited information compromise the welfare of your community!

Duluth News Tribune Response

The news tribune wrote about me today that “allegations” of professional misconduct were brought against me more than 15 years ago. It also reports that my license to practice law was suspended indefinitely and that I was not eligible to apply for reinstatement for two years. It fails to report any actual facts that the suspension was based on. What actually happened was that my license was suspended on a technicality. The Office of Professional Responsibility made a motion that I had defaulted on the allegations because I didn’t answer their amended complaint. I asserted that they were required to follow the rules of court and request a judges permission to make an amended complaint. The courts simply sided with the Office of Professional Responsibility that is hired by the Supreme Court in making an interpretation of the procedural rules that favored the Office hired by the Supreme Court.


I grew up with a hand tremor which was interpreted by a judge or judges and at least one member of their staff who were active in Alcoholics Anonymous to indicate a drinking problem. After appearing in courts in courts in Minneapolis, Center City, Pine City, Carlton, Brainerd, Bemidgi, Virginia, Hibbing, International Falls, Two Harbors, and in other tribunals and in a wide variety of criminal and civil cases allegations of professional conduct arose on a case in the court of an active AA judge (who was rumored to still be drinking). The legal profession is hyper sensitive to flaws in its membership. As a result of the suspension I made a complaint to the Justice Department of disability discrimination. The Americans with Disabilities Act appears to be another of our laws that doesn’t actually receive enforcement from the courts. It is simply politics.


The politics of mining that is being engaged in by the Duluth News Tribune are politics that will affect the people of my District that I have stepped up to protect because I have experienced victimization in my life. Before I was alone. Today we are all together in this and need to support each other. Does anyone know the financial interest that people employed at the News Tribune or our politicians have in the brand new companies proposing copper-nickel mining? Consider promised term limits of people like Chip Cravaack and Chris Dahlberg that there will be a more financially lucrative job for them in the mining industry where they will not have to deal with problems they have created as was the case with Brad Moore former head of the MPCA. Please think about that when you go to the polls on Tuesday. Please don’t let ghosts from the past determine the issues of today! Consider as the News Tribune wrote in their August 1 Op-Ed “Dahlberg was not part of sexual harassment allegations or charges of cronyism that have dogged the County Board in recent years,” that the Tribunes endorsements were responsible for some of those and other problems in the courts and government generally. Consider the professional ethics of the News Tribune that manipulates the news by endorsing candidates rather than its job of impartially reporting the news.




As a result of the scandal surrounding Kerry Gauthier I am endorsing and asking people to vote for as a write in candidate retired dentist, WWII Combat veteran, and community activist, Joe Balach from Gary New Duluth for House of Representatives 7B. Thank you.



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