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School trust lands land exchange scam

Currently Congress is considering a land exchange bill for state school trust lands. The bill when incorporating a recently passed state bill is somewhat ambiguous. It is alleged by some that these combined bills compose a scheme to conduct a wasting of school trust lands by transferring the surface interests of lands in the Boundary Waters for the surface interests owned by mineral estate owners. This will do two things. First it will arguably strip existing Federal environmental protections. Second, because the surface estate is the servient estate it will allow mining companies who hold the mineral estate to destroy these surface rights and the lands intended to benefit area students. This is stealing from children.I recently attended a meeting of the legislative committee overseeing school trust lands. During that meeting there was much discussion of how school trust lands have been mismanaged and how more revenue needed to be generated for the State of Minnesota School Trust.

My Plan

These school trust lands were granted to the states to be held in trust for the benefit of local schools. A large percentage of remaining school trust lands are in St. Louis County and are supposed to be for the benefit of our local schools and not for the benefit of the Minnesota schools. The State of Minnesota through its recently enacted SB 1750 is again inviting mismanagement of a trust provided for by the federal government. These are lands intended to benefit our children.

I would join with my other three Duluth area County Board members and request of the County Attorney that he sue to intervene and to place this trust in court receivership and that he be named trustee for the management of these school trust lands for the benefit of our (St. Louis County) students who the Federal trust was intended to benefit.



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