My Experience

Public Service:

2005 Founding member of Save Our Sky Blue Waters Organization

1998-2000 Vice Chair of the Reform Party for the Eighth Congressional District (we elected Jesse Ventura in 1998)

1996 Rice Lake Township Planning and Zoning Board


1986 University of North Dakota J.D.

1982 College of St. Scholastica B.A. History


Save Lake Superior Association

Minnesota Citizens Federation – Northeast

My mother was originally from Proctor. My father from Eastern Ohio. They met in Washington State where my mother was serving as a sergeant in the Army on the Manhattan project in Richland Washington. There she was the base teletype operator and she served directly under the command of General Leslie Groves who was later portrayed by Paul Newman in a movie regarding events at Los Alamos. My Dad was recovering from shrapnel wounds, incurred by a bomb that exploded by the Bunker Hill Aircraft Carrier north of the Philippine Islands, at the naval air hospital in Pasco across the Columbia River. They met on the train when my mother was given a pass to go shopping in Seattle and my Dad was going to visit his two brothers at the Bremerton Naval Base. My uncles had both survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I have the utmost respect for persons risking their lives in service to their country.
I grew up in a house in the Bay View portion of the district that my parents contracted to build from blue prints prepared by my mother. For my first six years of school I walked a mile to and from St. Rose in Proctor. I remember visiting my Dad’s child hood home where I observed a strip mine across the road filled with acid mine drainage which my Dad explained that the fall wouldn’t kill me but what was at the bottom would. A tear ran down his cheek as he told me that it was a trout stream that he fished in as a kid. My Dad who worked as a barber for 25 years on the corner of 57th and Grand Avenue while I was growing up appreciated coming to Minnesota to get away from mining. I attended Junior High School and High School in Proctor. I attended the University of Wisconsin Superior for a year in 1978-79 and transferred to the College of St. Scholastica where I received a BA in History in 1982. I grew up with a hand tremor which resulted in some unwanted attention in and out of school. In 1983-1986 I attended law school at the University of North Dakota where I received a J.D. degree.(On Break-Please check back).


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