Action Alert!!!

My endorsements for the primary election

Rebecca Otto for State Auditor (democrat)

Jim Abeler for U.S. Senate (republican primary)

Leslie Davis for Governor (democratic primary)


It is important to vote and participate in primary elections!!!



It is clear to everyone including myself that my website is difficult to locate. In the end it will be access to the messaging and not the quality of the message that will prevail. It is important that persons only log onto good quality messaging and encourage their friends to do the same. Websites get prioritized by traffic. Organizations willing to work with and capitulate with mining companies have been getting publicity and grant money to advance a message that will lead to a negotiated disaster. It is unknown who is funding many organizations but it appears that some are willing to go along with the wishes of these companies. These organizations should be treated as if there funding and messaging is coming from the mining companies themselves.


Please consider that PolyMet tells readers to their website that they cannot tell the truth. “This website contains certain forward looking statements . . .that are not a statement of fact.”



appears to have been replaced with


not so easily linked.


How about the politicians, media, environmental organizations ( Nature Conservancy, MEP, Water Legacy, Ducks Unlimited et.al., Lake Superior Binational Forum, Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness) who have supported PolyMet? It is dishonest to proclaim that we can have mining jobs and clean water.

Their has been a longstanding coalition that has advocated for a statewide moratorium on mining. A coalition being led by Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness and Environment for Minnesota is attempting to subvert this opposition by engaging in their BWW campaign. By definition on the Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness website the Boundary Waters is being defined for protection as a small number of lakes off of the Fernberg road with high value cabins.This is the same type of special places campaign that was instituted in Michigan by the Huron Mountain Club and is failing to protect anyone. I oppose any support for the BWW campaign as a diversion of resources that that should be going toward moratorium efforts. The PEIS and BWW being advocated seems to be an effort by wealthy seasonal property owners to direct tailings runoff from the Twin Metals project into the St. Louis/Lake Superior watershed where it will impact the health of Duluth/Superior/Cloquet area water consumers from Lake Superior.

Polymet has recently claimed to have a process for water treatment. They cannot capture all the runoff to begin with. We should consider this in the light of that even if regulators will actually make them use the process that the DNR and MPCA themselves have failed to treat acid mine drainage.

See my newly posted comments on the Polymet SDEIS on my mining news page.

Everyone should read the following article from Serbia where in spite of 25% unemployment people have fought foreign mining companies and the genocide of 1 million people from nickel mining since 1996.



Please contact your Senate and U.S. Congressional Representatives to oppose Representative Chip Cravaack’s school trust lands exchange bill. H.R. 5544. Ask your friends in other states to do the same. It is Representative Cravaack ‘s intention to tell Congressional Representatives the same lie told to us through his sponsors at the Duluth News Tribune that this exchange is for the benefit of school children when in fact it steals surface estates in the Boundary Waters Wilderness that federal officials were willing to pay for and gives them to mining companies to trade for lands where they own minerals and want mine in order to do an end run around environmental protections  to poison our drinking water. The bill steals from our local children, the intended beneficiaries of these lands. Mr. Cravaack is corrupt and unfitting of public office. Some would have you believe another lie that I am some elite liberal environmentalist when in fact I have never profited personally from opposing mining and have voted for Republican candidates for president in every election in the last 25 years. My great grandparents homesteaded in St. Louis County in the 19th century and prior to mining. I am a 4th generation resident. Republican’s like Cravaack and Romney have turned on the American people and it’s not about giving us jobs. People need to cancel their subscriptions to the Duluth News Tribune if that paper cannot print the news and can only repeat fabrications created by public officials.


H.R. 5544 passed mostly along partisan lines in the house of representatives in 2012. As a result of recent elections and failure of the bill to find a Senate sponsor for a companion bill passage of H.R. 5544 has been rendered moot or irrelevant. It is expected that some form of this bill will be resurrected. Opposition to any exchange of federal lands needs to be continued through contact with federal Senate and House representatives. A congressman from Arizona has warned Northeastern Minnesota county officials that the bill proposed by Chip Cravaack would result in the loss of Millions of dollars in annual payments to Northeastern Minnesota counties by the federal government under the Tyhe-Blatnick Act that helped form the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

For more see: http://www.sosbluewaters.org/






Thank to all of you who voted for me in the primary. It is a sad day for Northeastern Minnesota. Please note my new page “mining news.” Please check occasionally for updates and other developments.

Elect Dennis Szymialis

Dennis lobbying at St. Paul

Contested Primary: Please vote Tuesday, August 14, 2012, or forever be married to a mining economy of unlimited destruction of air, water, land, property values, health, economic opportunities, existing jobs, recreation, and tax base. My District is the City Limits of Duluth west of 10th Avenue West and extends north between Hwy 53 and the Haines Road.

My campaign is to be elected and implement policies that will promote a healthy economy, provide stable land values and healthy drinking water for the people of my district and the surrounding area. I grew up in and understand the district and I will work as a full time commissioner without alternate employment conflicts. I will take the time to understand the issues facing my constituents.

One of the issues critical to the future of our area is that of Sulfide Mining. My opponent Chris Dahlberg has supported this type of economic development. This is not in the interest of our constituency but favors the Iron Range. I will represent my district exclusively. DFL Congressional candidates and Chip Cravaack are tripping over each other to support Sulfide Mining for the Iron Range that will weaken our economy, burden Duluth businesses and their workers with higher taxes, and pollute our drinking water. What do they offer Duluth with more voters and political power? Nothing!

Contact: Dennis@blueacres.net

Magnet (Similar to yard sign)
These magnets have been distributed to more than 5000 households in the district. It was a pleasure meeting the 50-100 of you that were out in your yards enjoying our nice summer weather as I passed by. Let the election of Jesse Ventura in 1998 be a lesson that no vote is a wasted vote. I hope that my magnet drive sets an example for others that a website and an awareness of the candidates side of the story can counter the dictated propaganda of the Duluth News Tribune in furtherance of a better democracy.


I would like to thank the many of you who have left only kind and positive comments in the space provided below. Your comments have boosted my moral and restored my faith in the basic good in human nature. Please accept my apology for the limitations in my time and technical abilities for not posting them. Sincerely, Dennis Szymialis.


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